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Телефон:  +7 495 4151095
Email: info@awtoritet.ru


Avtoritet’s core personnel include military officers and former staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other authorities. All of them have a huge experience of working in the security business.

To ensure the high quality of our services, we have created:

  • A procedure for examining the personal and professional competence of candidates before we hire them. This includes passing polygraph screening. Moreover, particular individual security checks are implemented.
  • Methods of conducting internal checks and collecting current information concerning the work of our staff.
  • A program of annual assessment, including examining employees’ professional competence and a physical fitness test. The latter is conducted in sports centers, on shooting ranges and in computer-equipped classes, and enables us to check our employees’ knowledge of the laws within which we operate, weapons, operations simulating emergency situations, etc. (test beds, laboratories).

All our employees are highly qualified experienced specialists, who are able to localize and resolve almost every conflict situation. All our employees have a minimum of three years’ experience in the security business.

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