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The private security company Avtoritet


We can also undertake an audit of your current security arrangements and provide advice on any aspects that may need attention.

To ensure the high quality of our services we pay great attention to the selection of our personnel. We are equipped with sophisticated modern weapons, special equipment and computer facilities.

Your Security Needs

Today’s threats to business are varied and constantly changing. Company executives wish to be absolutely confident of their own personal safety as well as of the reliability of their business partners and of economic, information and legal security.

Trusting and relying on our security experts will help you defend yourself against violent crime, protect your information and assets, and enhance and protect your brand and hence your reputation.

Why Avtoritet is Different

At Avtoritet we focus on the provision of expert security services to protect vulnerabilities within your environment to minimize your security risk. We take into account your specific issues and work with you to deliver innovative solutions that will really meet your business needs.

We understand security risk by:

  • Monitoring and advising on the threats to your business
  • Quantifying, assessing and protecting the vulnerabilities within your business
  • Keeping your business functioning for you to satisfy your customers.
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