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Телефон:  +7 495 4151095
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The privately owned security service company «Avtoritet» is constantly occupied with the enrolment of new employees in Moscow and in the Moscow region.

Before being hired every candidate must pass through a multi-stage selection procedure.

Employment is carried out on the competitive basis.

The candidates should do the following things: to present the required documents, to pass an interview, a psycho-physiological test, polygraph screening (lie detector), an interview.

The list of the required documents for the candidate is the following:

  • a passport and its copy;
  • a military card;
  • a work-book and an extract from it;
  • a questionnaire;
  • autobiography;
  • educational documents;
  • a medical certificate;
    • form № 046-1;
    • certificate from psychoneurological dispensary;
    • certificate from narcological dispensary;
    • certificate on blood group and Rhesus factor;
  • black-and-white photos (a jacket and a neck-tie), without corner:
    • 10 photos, size - 3x4 cm;
    • 10 photos, size – 4x6 cm;
  • license and its copy;
    • diploma of security school and its copy;
    • discharge order (or its copy) from the previous job;
    • certificate on the absence of financial claims from the previous place of work;
    • Former military offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Services should also present a certificate from the personnel department of the corresponding structure. This certificate should confirm that its owner has served in the structure for more than 3 years with pointing out a discharge article (with decoding) and information on the fixture of service revolver.

There is a range of restrictions on the vacancy of the guard. We hire men, age 21-40 years old, height -175 cm and taller, physically sturdily-build, with several years served in the army, who have a constant registration in Moscow or in the Moscow region and an identity card of the private guard.

We don’t employ:

  • citizens who are registered on the books of medical organizations by the reason of phychological disease, alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • citizens who have convictions for premeditated crimes;
  • citizens who are convicted for committing a crime (before getting the decision of their guilt in the fixed by law order);
  • citizens who are fired from state service, from legal, public prosecutor’s and other law-enforcement organizations under discreditable basis;
  • former officers of law enforcement organizations which were occupied in the sphere of private detective and security activities if the period from the moment they quit the previous work in less than one year.
  • Here is the address of the personnel department: Moscow, st.Academik Pavlov,h.12, bl.3 by working days from 10 a.m.
  • You can get references by the following phone number: +7 495 4151095.
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